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Encanto-Palmcroft is a dream neighborhood filled with beautiful grand estates, villas, immaculate landscapes, and the famous Encanto Park. This neighborhood was created in the 1920s after the Roosevelt Dam was finished and water was available to help the area bloom. There are 388 homes with an extensive range of architecture, including Spanish Colonial, Tudor Revival, American Colonial, Cape Cod, Mission Revival Spanish, Ranch and Georgian Revival. The average estate here has 3-5 bedrooms and 1-4 bathrooms, and ranges from 2,500 to 5,000 square feet. These homes have very unique features that are not found in other historic districts, such as luxury pools, wine cellars, butler quarters, guest houses, private security service and more. The famous Encanto Park, Golf Course, Amusement Park, and community rose garden add further value to the homes in this area. Below you’ll find historic and luxury homes for sale in the Encanto-Palmcroft, Phoenix neighborhood.

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Encanto-Palmcroft was built from the 1920s through the 1940s.
Encanto-Palmcroft neighborhood has 330 historic homes.
Encanto-Palmcroft has historic homes built in styles including Spanish Colonial, Tudor Revival, American Colonial, Cape Cod, Mission Revival Spanish, Pueblo Revival, Ranch, Georgian Revival, and more.
Encanto-Palmcroft homes have an average of 3-5 bedrooms and 1-4 bathrooms.
Encanto-Palmcroft homes are an average of 2,500 - 5,000 square feet.
Encanto-Palmcroft is known for it's grand estates with mature landscape, Encanto Park, and it's unique features.
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Encanto-Palmcroft Architecture

Encanto-Palmcroft is a grand display of almost every kind of historic Phoenix architecture, and it was masterfully built with the homes and local park designed together. If you love Country Club Manor, Alvarado or Los Olivos, you will fall in love with the level of craftsmanship exhibited in Encanto-Palmcroft homes. Many of the most beautiful and enchanting historic houses for sale in Phoenix are located in this neighborhood. 

Spanish Colonial style architecture
Ranch Style Architecture
American Colonial Style Architecture
Mission Revival style architecture
Tudor Revival style architecture
French Provincial style architecture
Georgian Revival style architecture
Cape Cod style architecture
Pueblo Revival style architecture
Art Deco style of architecture

Encanto-Palmcroft Lifestyle

Encanto-Palmcroft is a wonderland—no exaggeration. From its beautiful homes, rose garden and winding water canal paths with perfect picnic areas to its golf course, sports fields, lake with paddle boats, amusement park, and beyond. This neighborhood offers a world of luxury and recreation. Explore our Midtown Lifestyle Guide to learn more.

Encanto-Palmcroft 100 year old palm tree lined streets
Encanto Park lake with palm trees
Encanto Park bridge
River with bridge along Encanto Park & Encanto Manor Neighborhood
Picnic tables in Encanto-Palmcroft
Street in Encanto-Palmcroft
Renaissance of the Gardens trees, roses, and grass
Renaissance of the Gardens beautiful fence with flowers
Rose blooms at Renaissance of the Gardens

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You'll Fall In Love With

The dream-like feeling of these homes. The extraordinary architecture will make you imagine your life here. And when you experience Encanto Park, everything you need to live a happy, active, luxurious lifestyle will find you. 

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