Your Central Phoenix Home Buyer's Guide

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Why Buy With Us?

Buying a home is a big deal, whether it’s your first home or your tenth! We are a team of experienced local experts who are ready to help you find the home of your dreams in the neighborhood that you want.

Free For You

Our services are completely free for buyers like you. The home seller pays the realtor rental commission fee, so you can take advantage of our expertise and guidance at no cost to you.

Find Your Perfect Place

Central Phoenix is full of gorgeous small neighborhoods each with their own lifestyle. As local experts, we will help you find the neighborhoods that will best match your desired way of life. So, you will love where you live!

Get Security With Buyer Home Assessments

When viewing homes, with David's background in home investments & contracting- he will give you a pre-inspection assessment of the homes condition, consult with you about any possible remodeling, and help you assess the homes value & negotiate the best agreement for the home. Finding you your dream home, at a great price, that is a solid investment.



What to Expect From Our Real Estate Team

The home buying process is complicated, requiring many complex steps throughout the buying journey. Our job is to handle the stressful parts for you and provide an enjoyable experience that ends with you finding your dream home.

  • Get a plan tailored to your needs. You’ll complete a questionnaire, learn about neighborhoods that will fit your desired lifestyle, along with housing market trends in the area, and receive information about current inventory that matches your criteria based on our initial assessment.

  • Discuss mortgage options. If you don’t have a home loan or cash payment, we’ll help get you pre-approved for funding through one of our recommended lenders. We’ll educate you about terms such as debt ratio and will prepare you for all aspects of financing including escrow.

  • Deep dive home search. You’ll learn about neighborhood averages and attend regular home tours. We’ll continue learning about what’s most important to you and narrow down your options. If your dream home is not on the market, we will contact potential sellers and our professional network and find you dream properties that are unlisted properties, to help ensure you find the perfect home.

  • Negotiations and contracts. Once you find your perfect home, we'll negotiate a winning offer at the price you want. When your offer has been accepted on a home, we’ll guide you through a detailed list of the next steps. Our team will assist you with evaluating the state of your new home and your inspection reports, acquiring a property disclosure, choosing a title company and insurance options, negotiating the final offer, certifying funding, and much more.

  • Concierge Services. In addition to helping you find your perfect home, our network of top lenders, insurance brokers, attorneys, movers, and handymen will be available to you. We'll even connect you with local interior designers, health & wellness practitioners, and other home service professionals as needed. This is something that distinguishes us from other local realtors in the Phoenix area.

  • Closing day. We’ll help ensure that you have everything you need to close and get the keys to your castle. You’ll be provided with a checklist of what to bring on closing day and we'll guide you through the final steps, such as wiring down payment funds, signing the closing disclosure, and deed delivery.

  • Continued service. We'll make sure you have an effortless transition into your new home and community. We build life-long relationships with our clients, so we'll stay in touch and continue to be a part of your journey! We're here any time you have questions or desire information about your new home, the housing market, or your new lifestyle in Arizona.

Why Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

There are clear advantages and protections for buyers who use real estate agents. The top benefits include having a skilled home evaluator, strong negotiator, and local neighborhood expert working in your corner. A realtor’s keen understanding of legal processes, paperwork, and disclosures is also highly valuable.

Buyers directly benefit from the expertise and specialized knowledge of realtors. Choose a local realtor that works in a particular niche, such as Historic Phoenix Homes, and you’ll be provided with deep insight into your area of interest. Agents also have access to exclusive tools that aggregate industry data and provide incredible information about market trends, helping you maximize your real estate investments.

Common risks associated with not using a real estate agent include:

  • Dealing with inaccurate appraisals from sellers.
  • Overpaying for a house.
  • Choosing the wrong neighborhood.
  • Possible legal matters, including issues with home titles.

Top Realtors Near Me in the Phoenix Metro Area

No matter the phase of your home buying journey, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or buying a second house to use for rental property, Historic Phoenix Homes is at your service.

We’re proud to be among the top real estate companies in Phoenix for buyers interested in historic and luxury homes. We work with clients all over the Valley, including in Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, and other cities around the metro area. We also work with homebuyers who are planning to relocate to Arizona.